Alcoa–Rockdale, Texas

Alcoa–Rockdale, Texas

Environmental, Health and Safety Program
Alcoa Worldwide Expectations

All contractors and their employees are expected to understand, promote, and assist in the implementation of Alcoa’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) values, policies, and principles, and to comply with all applicable EHS rules and regulations.

We will work safely in a manner that promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment.

It is Alcoa’s policy to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner that respects the environment and the health of our employees, our customers, and the communities where we operate. Alcoa will not compromise environmental, health or safety values for profit or production.

In support of Alcoa’s EHS policy, the following principles provide additional direction on accountability and specific issues:

We are all accountable and responsible for conforming to the EHS policy.
We will work diligently to prevent all incidents.
We will practice sound EHS management.
We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and permits, and will develop and employ more restrictive internal standards where necessary to conform to Alcoa’s EHS policy.
We will report on our activities.
We will audit our operations and report findings.
We will sponsor activities to improve the science of EHS protection.
We will provide effective EHS training to employees.
We will support sustainable development, the responsible use of natural resources, and energy conservation.
We will supply safe and reliable products and services.