Chevron Phillips

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP


Work Safely Or Not At All
There Is Always Time To Do It Right
If It’s Worth Doing, Do It Better


1. Never operate equipment outside of design or environmental limits.
2. Always move to a safe, controlled condition, and seek assistance when a situation is not understoood.
3. Always operate with safety and environmental protection devices enabled.
4. Always follow all safety/environmental work practices/procedures and act to stop unsafe conditions and actions.
5. Always produe a product that meets or exceeds your customer’s requirements.
6. Never contaminate or compromise a dedicated system.
7. Always report environmental/safety compliance information accurately and on time.
8. Always address abnormal conditions and clarify/understand procedures before proceeding.
9. Always develop and follow written procedures for high risk or unusual situations.
10. Always involve people with expertise and first hand knowledge in decisions, improvements, and changes that effect procedures and equipment.