Our Values
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Our Values



MEC employees work in client facilities to gather data, make field notes, confirm plant equipment and records, measure, attend meetings, make presentations and manage construction related activities. MEC strives to provide the highest level of safety awareness by pointing out hazards and recommending procedures and equipment to make the work environment healthier for all. Our commitment to safety along with our expertise in industrial safety and safety related control systems allows MEC to be leaders in the area of industrial project and plant safety.


In 2019, Magnum was recognized by the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) for going 22 years without a recordable injury. VPP promotes effective worksite-based safety and health.

People Matter


All MEC employees must complete safety training before entering any client facility. Safety rules and procedures are for everybody, client and contractor. Raising safety issues leads to longer, healthier lives as fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters, as well as employees. Safety awareness can also lead to lower insurance costs and lower medical costs for everyone.


As part of our business, we regularly teach safety courses to our client’s employees. In addition we routinely conduct safety audits of our clients facilities and processes then provide recommendations regarding appropriate engineering / management solutions. MEC believes that detailed engineering and design projects are a success only if the project can be built safely, can be operated safely, and be maintained safely. This is always our focus.