Arc Flash Analysis/Power System Analysis
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Arc Flash Analysis/Power System Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis/Power System Analysis

Effectively handling your engineering needs
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis/Assessments

Magnum Engineering offers Arc Flash Analysis, performed by licensed Professional Engineers, to identify appropriate levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees. The assessment includes detailed analysis of electrical systems using SKM Power Analysis Software for arc-flash analysis as well as: PPE category requirements, labeling recommendations, potential arc flash incident energy levels, flash protection boundary distances, NFPA 70E interpretation and the application of OSHA requirements to your facility. In addition, we offer optional color-coded single line diagrams showing PPE recommendations (for posting in electrical rooms) and optional onsite electrical/arc flash safety training for your staff.


In addition to Arc Flash analysis, our staff can perform an assessment of your facility’s needs for compliance. Our team will assist you in determining what your facility must do to comply with the National Fire Protection Association guidelines (NFPA 70E, that are being enforced by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) during their inspections.

Considerations for an Arc Flash Study


The following considerations should be taken into account to determine if an arc flash assessment is required for your facility:


  • Arc Flash study has not been performed in the past five years.
  • Short-circuit, protective coordination studies have not been performed in the past five years.
  • Changes have occurred to electrical distribution system or electric utility system
  • Safety audit is being required for your facility.
  • Facility insurance policy is up for renewal.
  • Modifications or expansions of electrical distribution system are being considered
High Voltage Power System Analysis


MEC can also provide our clients with complete power system analysis and design capabilities. We have licensed engineers on staff who are seasoned in generation, transmission, delivery and consumption. We offer services to assist our clients with:


  • Power system design / Equipment specification
  • Coordination studies / Protective Relaying
  • Power factor correction.
  • Machine control (such as air compressor staging) for efficient power consumption.


Please contact us via the Request Information page to discuss your power system requirements and objectives.